Brake Linings & Blocks

Longer life and reduced wear of brake components


Main benefits
— Longer life
— Reduced wear of brake components
— Less heat generation that contributes to friction coefficient stability
— High friction coefficient for safer and dependable brakes


AF 2080

Non-metallic formulation with glass fibers and minerals with a high degree of mechanical and thermal resistance. High material density allows better temperature resistance and more efficient dissipation of the energy captured in the system.

Friction Graduation: G G
Wear Rate: 5.89%

Recommended for:
— Buses for passenger transport
— Special cargo trucks


AF 2031

Non-metallic formulation with glass fibers and higher scrap content, which lowers its cost. Use of ground rubber delivers greater flexibility and smoother braking in overload conditions.

Friction Graduation: G F
Wear Rate: 6.88%

Recommended for:
— Trailers and trailers
— Normal cargo trucks
— Old buses

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